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Miyuki Bracelet "Manillas Telar Red"

Miyuki Bracelet "Manillas Telar Red"

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Anyone who has ever dared to try this type of high-quality pearl bracelets knows how complex and complex these pieces of jewelery are to produce. 

That's why we prefer to leave this to the professionals:

These beautiful and unique pieces of jewelery are sustainably and fairly produced and each band is a handmade one-of-a-kind, made in South America.

The Miyuki Pearls made of glass are threaded on piece by piece with a pin. This handwork is incredibly precise and stands for a unique high-quality design.

The straps are fitted with an adjustable (one-size-fits-all) and waxed macramé clasp.

Color changes are possible over time with the metal, glass and gold-plated beads. Therefore our recommendation: Do not wear with sharp jewelry, avoid contact with water and lotion, and store in a dry place.

A little tip, the possible combinations with many bracelets are limitless 😉. 

Have fun and enjoy wearing it!

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